Welcome to Putney Commons

The community of Putney Commons currently consists of six households. Owners joined together to live a greener lifestyle with a lighter carbon footprint.  Monthly or bi-monthly meetings occur where decisions by consensus are made about running our homeowners association – where to put in a trail to our lower meadow, who is to coordinate the annual harvest luncheon, evaluating the budget for the coming year –
and more.

Putney Commons is a part of a growing movement towards settling back into downtown areas and villages where life can be simpler, neighbors know each other,
and community develops.  We enjoy our neighbors and gather together to work in the common vegetable garden where we raise community food shelf food as well as food for our own tables, and have social times like a recent ice cream social where kids and elders can be with each other.

Fungus in Putney Commons woodsThe Putney Commons community enjoys working in its common garden, opening paths to Main Street and nearby woods.  Though secluded, private, and quiet,
with a view of New Hampshire ridgeline and a bubbling Sacketts Brook through the
lower meadow where deer browse, the village is just a few steps away.