gardens at Putney CommonsIf interested in building with us, you would negotiate design and costs with any number of recommended local builders who are familiar with our project.  We ask that you build green, energy efficient, and in harmony aesthetically with what is already here.  We will be happy to help you develop your plans.  Final plans must be presented to the Putney Commons Owners Association for approval before building begins.

Potential builders pay an initial $25,000 to join us and an additional $50,000 before building begins.   A monthly fee of $175 begins once your home is completed.  This includes snow plowing, hay mowing, tree removal, road maintenance, publicity, insurance, trash, landscaping and vegetable gardening expenses, a reserve fund, and all external building maintenance needs.  (Legally, we are a condominium association; owners own the interior of their buildings, the association the exterior, and the land is held in common.)

Owners are individually responsible for utilities and Putney town/school taxes, which include a prorated share of our common property.  Depending on personal income, owners may qualify for a Vermont state property tax adjustment.