Village of Putney

Putney, Vermont is a vibrant community with a diverse and involved citizenry.  A town with a population under 3,000, Putney is home to:

  • Putney Central School, pre-K through grade 8, boasts a 164 acre school forest whose resources are tapped by the curriculum, after school activities, and town residents.
  • Landmark College, the premier college for students with learning disabilities.
  • The Putney School, a private, independent boarding school.
  • The Putney Food Coop, one of the oldest co-operatives in the country dedicated to making local organic food available to the public and 2012 winner of the Howard K. Bowers Fund Award for Cooperative Excellence.
  • The Yellow Barn Music Festival where classical music talent from around the world comes to learn and perform.
  • Sandglass Theatre with its annual festivals – one year an international puppet festival, the alternate year a puppet festival in a local garden.
  • The Putney Craft Tour – oldest continuous craft tour in the country, this open studio event offers a map and access every Thanksgiving weekend to prominent Vermont artists and craftspeople living in and around our village.
  • – the village online hub of event listings, community postings.
  • Transition Putney is one of over 3oo towns and cities in the Transition Town movement. Its goal is to develop local responses to the triple challenges of climate change, peak oil and economic sustainability.
  • The Grammar School, An independent day school serving children from Preschool through Eighth Grade.
  • The Greenwood School has been recognized as the preeminent boarding school for high potential boys in grades 6 through 12 who face complex language-based learning challenges.